Although many separations and divorces can be achieved amicably, ending a romantic relationship can sometimes become confrontational. Bitterness and anger can often lead to decisions that in hindsight, are often regretted. 

One such course of action is illustrated in this BBC article. US actor, Jason Sudeikis, serving custody papers to his former partner, actress and director, Olivia Wilde, whilst she is participating in a live interview on stage could potentially lead to a complete breakdown of their inter-parental relationship - and difficulty or inability to work together for the benefit of the children in the future. 

There are many consequences as a result of ending a romantic relationship. Overall, the most obvious are the financial consequences for the couple; and future relationships with any children involved in the relationship. 

However, it is not just the couple themselves who experience the repercussions of the breakdown of their relationship. Any children involved are also very much in the front line. These events can affect the children's finances, as well as their physical and mental health.  

Other family members and friends may also be affected, depending on the closeness of the family unit and other circumstances of their individual case.

Through the stormy seas of a relationship breakdown, you should seek the navigational skills of a qualified solicitor, who will guide you through your case, enabling you to make informed, considered decisions. 

At Ince, are proud of our non-confrontational and practical approach. Many of our family solicitors are members of Resolution, an organisation recognised by the Law Society, with a Code of Conduct and guidelines putting the welfare of any children first, seeking resolution and avoiding open conflict.

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