The first of August each year marks the start of National Road Victim Month, a campaign initially started by Roadpeace to commemorate the death of Princess Diana, tragically killed in Paris in 1997.

It is sobering to read, in Roadpeace's explanation for the ongoing need for National Road Victim Month, that:

"...over the last decade, the number of people killed on Britain’s roads has stayed at more or less the same level year on year. Five people are killed every day, and over 60 are seriously injured."

That's five families who have lost someone and 60 people whose lives have forever been changed - every single day in the UK. This is despite so many significant developments in motor vehicle technology and road safety campaigns, such as those by Roadpeace themselves. 

My colleagues and I are proud to support Roadpeace in their tireless work in recognising the ongoing dangers faced by all road users in the UK, and their efforts to improve road safety for all. We are one of two law firms in the South West who sit on Roadpeace's South West Legal Panel and we arrange the monthly online victim support meetings. Find out more

If you would like any further information or advice on how we can help if you have been involved in a road traffic collision, please visit our web page