The country has just sweltered in record high summer temperatures, which climate change experts tell us will be commonplace by the middle of this century. Traditional methods of design and construction of housing in this country have not responded well to the increased warmer summer weather experienced since 2000. What of the future where temperatures, such as those experienced over the past few days, occur every 2-3 years?  

One idea is the passive house - a property that is specifically designed to manage temperature without relying on expensive air conditioning, a fan in every bedroom or closing curtains and windows during the hottest part of the day. This issue demands serious thought. Extreme temperatures constitute more than a threat to working comfortably at home during the day or sleeping at night; lives are at risk.

British housing stock, both historically and now, has been constructed to keep in heat to address winter conditions, but with each hot summer it become increasingly clear that methods of construction equally need to address better ways of keeping heat out.

At Ince we are used to dealing with emerging problems in innovative ways and, if you are a house builder grappling with these important issues, we are ready to help.