It seems that Bristol isn’t the only city to have created some impractical cycle lanes. This recently-opened segregated cycle lane in Worcester is filled with obstacles, including a speed camera for vehicle drivers in the centre of the lane next to a busy road, causing cyclists to have to swerve dangerously to avoid it. Note the solid white line around the camera.

This is one of the issues I’ll be high-lighting in my upcoming article about the recent Highway Code changes as seen from a cyclist’s perspective

As both a cyclist and a personal injury solicitor, I see a number of “missed opportunities” by road planners that could keep us safer on the roads. 

Hopefully, some high profile media coverage like this will raise awareness about how important it is for cycle lanes to be thought through properly at the planning stage, so that people are more inclined to use them instead of cycling in the road where they are more likely to be injured by the general traffic.