In February, BBC Panorama’s powerful and deeply distressing programme, 'Maternity Scandal: Fighting for the Truth', told the stories of the avoidable deaths of mothers and babies in Shropshire and the ongoing investigation into what happened and why. At the time, my colleague, Frances Wright, wrote an article in response to the programme.

The full Ockenden Report is likely to be released to the public today and is expected to confirm the shocking extent of the failures in care which led to the death of over 200 babies, dozens more being left with life changing injuries, death and injuries to the mothers, and the devastation to so many families.

A common theme throughout all the experiences recounted by the parents involved is how mothers (and fathers) were not listened to. We hear this time and time again when talking with our clients. These families paid a heavy price as a result and that has to change across the NHS. This Trust was sadly not alone.

We’ll be reviewing the full report and providing our commentary in a follow-up article.

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