I was reading this article on how to quit your job in six easy steps and so I thought I would prepare a note on "How to deal with a resignation in six easy steps" and here they are: 

  1. Speak to the employee. Consider making a counter offer if they are important to you and don't be afraid to ask the employee what they are planning to do/where they are planning to go.  This can be useful information in working out the possible risks associated with this employee leaving.  Are they being coy?  Are they joining a competitor? 
  2. Decide what to do about the notice period, having checked the options under the employment contract. There are typically three options: 
    • To get the employee to work their notice - this could be useful if there is outstanding work or handover needed;
    • To put the employee on garden leave - this could be useful if you are concerned that there is a risk to the business relating to their move, for example if they are joining a competitor; or 
    • To make a payment in lieu of notice - as this brings the employment to an immediate end it is not so popular except in relation to redundancy situations where it is seen as a way of being a little more generous.
  3. Check what holiday they have accrued and whether they will be owed a holiday payment or whether you need to recoup money for holidays taken in excess.
  4. Write to the employees to let them know the termination arrangements (payments/recoupment of holiday) and also use this as a chance to remind them about any restrictive covenants or confidential information obligations which will bind them post termination. This is also a good time to remind employees of the company property which needs to be returned. 
  5. Carry out an exit interview near the time of them leaving. This is a great opportunity to find out what you are doing right as a company but also how you could do better. It is also a way of flushing out the reasons employees are leaving and gives you an opportunity to work on retaining others. 
  6. Ensure all company property is actually returned. A standard checklist can be useful for keeping track of this, particularly now that employees have had more "kit" whilst working from home.