This week saw reports of an incredible breakthrough in spinal stimulation technology, allowing a man paralysed five years ago to walk again. 

Injured in a motorbike accident, this 30 year old was told he would never stand again unaided, let alone walk. Now an electrical implant to his spine has made it possible for him to stand and walk slowly by boosting the nerve signals to his legs.

Spinal cord injury can be completely life changing. Not only does it affect mobility, but often causes acute pain, bladder, bowel and other organ dysfunction, leading to a whole host of other issues including fertility problems.

Being upright and allowing short periods of exercise to the lower limbs can bring huge improvement to the quality of life to those otherwise restricted due to paralysis.

At Ince our personal injury and medical negligence teams work closely with those who have suffered a spinal cord injury from negligent medical care or other accidents. Stories like this are utterly inspiring and give me great hope for future.