Did you know that in 2019/2020, there were 6,260 sex discrimination claims brought in the Employment Tribunal? From those claims, the average (mean) award was £17,420.  

Although Ms Macken's award comprised of several different elements, those statistics give an idea of how unusual it is to see such a high figure awarded by an Employment Tribunal. Equally, of course, it reminds us all that it is possible!   

After 22 years of employment, Ms Macken's key claims related to sex discrimination, sexual harassment, equal pay, victimisation and whistleblowing. It is reported that her compensation included: 

- £857,044 for loss of future earnings;

- £217,946 and £117,491 respectively for historic lost salary and bonuses; and

- £35,000 for injury to feelings.

The importance of policies, training and dealing with complaints effectively are therefore key lessons we can learn from this claim. 

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