The US/EU agreement on the lifting of steel and aluminium tariffs, and with it the end of 25% duty on many US built boats, will enable those US superyachts once again to charter in the Med. That would provide a welcome addition to the charter fleet in the Med for what is expected to be another busy charter season. 

It will also enable EU owners to import such US built superyachts in to the EU for private use but that seems unlikely to happen for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there are now few US superyacht builders. Secondly, the style and build of superyachts built in the US has traditionally been less appealing to European buyers. Will the current shortage of inventory change that? 

For more detail on the application of the rules on US boats, see Thierry's article quoted below. 

The geopolitical background to the US/EU agreement European think tank is detailed in Bruegel's article.