In any market, especially a crowded one, the need to differentiate is key. My own background has been in Corporate Finance (legal and investment banking), Wealth Planning and Private Wealth (legal and tax). I've also set up (with far more talented people than myself) and sold a living and breathing business. If I hadn't had that background I wouldn't have been able to see the benefit of what we have created at Ince - an advisory service that covers so many, multi-regulated, advisory bases. Whilst my clients know they have to deal with legal and tax, what they really want to talk about are the next deals they are going to do, the next asset they are going to acquire and what changes in the economic and political environment (whether in the UK or abroad) mean for them. Their complex personal and business problems need solutions which tend to involve multiple, regulated elements - not just legal and tax. This is the first time I have been able to mobilise, in one place, all the advisory elements that I need to help my clients. With the consolidation in the legal sector, I wonder how many other firms will follow our lead....or even join us?