Whilst the Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab, grapples with the longstanding issue of the number of families that seek remedies for their family disputes through the court process, as this week is Resolution's "Good Divorce Week", I have highlighted alternative resources for separating parents.

Resolution is an organisation of 6500 family lawyers and legal justice professionals who help families deal with the end of their relationship in a constructive way. During "Good Divorce Week", they are highlighting information, guidance and advice for parents who are going through separation and divorce and how parents can help their children to understand why their family is changing and what can be done to reduce the impact on their children.

Resolution has a number of resources and practical tips on their website, including this booklet on "Parenting Through Separation Guide" and this short video (also linked below) which visually provides advice for separating parents regarding their children. 

Separation and divorce is a very distressing, and at times frightening and uncertain process for all of the family. Therefore, any resources that put children at the centre of the parents decision-making process should be encouraged. By using such resources, alongside alternative options for resolving disputes such as mediation, more families can avoid the court process - and going to court will really then become the place of last resort.

If you are going through separation and divorce and require advice around issues relating to your children, please contact Susan J Williams on 07736 969373 or SusanJWilliams@incegd.com