This week, family law and professional association Resolution are hosting "Good Divorce Week". The campaign is not about promoting divorce, instead, it is about generating an understanding and awareness of the divorce process. 

In particular, how different members of the family, not just the couple, but their children too, are affected by the divorce process, and how it can be much easier and more manageable for everyone involved. 

During a divorce, Children often suffer the most; normal family life as they know it is ending, and they experience new worries from where and with whom they will live, torn loyalties and  continued   relationships with both parents and extended families. 

My role as a family solicitor is to guide the separating party through what can be a difficult and lengthy process. I help them to understand not only the legal but also the practical implications of the separation. This knowledge and awareness takes away the fear of the unknown and empowers the individual to move forward and make positive decisions, taking into account all the relevant issues and factors to look towards a brighter future. 

Conflict should be avoided if at all possible, as that makes matters much more difficult to deal with for all involved. Effective negotiation is the key, however this requires full co-operation from both parties. The cost to the family, both in emotional and monetary terms, in the absence of effective negotiation can be very high and the effects from this can be life-changing. 

I am proud to be a member of Resolution and support their founding principle for separating parties to work together to resolve family disputes in a non-hostile way. This approach may not be possible in all cases, but it should always be the first consideration.