New travel restrictions have been put in place for six African countries due to a new COVID variant that experts are predicting could be "the worst one we have seen so far." 

This news may lead to new disputes between separated parents in respect of upcoming Christmas travel plans, where one parent may now no longer wish for the child to travel abroad with the other parent. 

If there is not a Child Arrangements Order or other relevant court order in place, everyone with parental responsibility for the child must agree to them being taken out of the country. Without that consent, an application to the court must be made to ask for permission for the holiday to go ahead as planned. The best interests of the child are always the decisive factor.

If an issue regarding travel arises, it is important that prompt legal advice is sought by the parent to ensure the matter sorted in good time before the holiday is due to take place. It may be helpful for the parents to attend mediation in order to reach a compromise and avoid any court involvement. 

At Ince, we are able to provide advice on disagreements relating to children, including upcoming holiday plans. For more information, contact a member of our Family team.