As highlighted in this article from Forbes, it is interesting to note that only 2% of global philanthropic donations and grants are made in favour of environmental causes. 

It seems that there is currently a lack of well-known charities in the environmental sector. In recent months and years, we have seen the emotive influence of environmental issues. Anecdotally, many view global environmental matters as something akin to an inheritance, which they feel a responsibility to pass on to the next generation.

It begs the question whether there will be a more pronounced pattern of people in the UK making use of the opportunity to have their Wills drafted to leave 10% of their estates to environmental charities, and thereby also reducing their inheritance tax liabilities by 10%. The net effect of this drafting will lead to very little change to what the family will receive from their estates, whilst also providing significant positive benefit to charitable causes which are important to them.  

We may see even more that individuals set up their own charities during their lives, and a charitable donation could be made into this charity from their estates. Possibly, with their children or grandchildren as trustees, so that they can have a hand in putting the proceeds towards the most appropriate causes in the future.