In an article featured in the Brisbane Times - it was reported that "accountants, lawyers and real estate agents are being lured to the “dark side” by organised crime bosses".

Although there are many ways to launder money, criminals need someone professional, capable and trustworthy to make the necessary arrangements. Professional enablers are gatekeepers of the financial system and often hold the key to the complex transactions that can provide the necessary anonymity for the criminal. Where professional enablers act in a willful, complicit or negligent manner, this can open closed doors for criminals to launder their illicit funds. 

I would encourage you to have a look at a great video released by the National Crime Agency on "Money laundering: Don't get caught out". 

My colleague Colette Kelly and I also recently published an article "Financial Crime - fine line between helping and enabling" on this topic.

Please note this article was written by Annette Fong, who is no longer with Ince. If you would like any advice in this regard, please contact Colette Kelly.