As we celebrate the good news that England have beat Denmark to secure a place in the finals of Euro 2020 we should all to pause to spare a thought about those people who will have been a victim of domestic abuse in the aftermath of the football match. While many of us will enjoy the victory for England, victims will remember it as yet another occasion where they were abused.

A study has shown, as expressed in an article in the Guardian dated 1 July 2021, that there is an increase in domestic abuse incidents when teams like England play football particularly in major tournaments. These figures are startling.

Whilst the only person to blame is the perpetrator of the abuse and not the football match itself, when you mix the behaviour traits of the abuser, the stresses of watching the football match, the disappointment of a loss or the jubilation of a win, combined with with alcohol - abuse is more likely to be a result. Previous statistics unfortunately indicate that there will be a significant number of victims of domestic abuse after England winning in the semi final last night, and after the final match of Euro 2020 on Sunday 11 July 2021 when England play Italy.

No one should suffer abuse at the hands of another person. Support is available for those who experience domestic abuse. If you, or anyone you know, has, or is, experiencing domestic abuse, please reach out and get help. There are a number of organisations and helplines nationally and locally who can advise, support and provide refuge accommodation.

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